schedule tips

How do you know which classes and how many to work into your schedule each week to get Lithe?

All of our Lithe Method® classes are challenging, total body workouts that utilize our Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting® technique and a combination of weights, our Higher Power Band System®, the barre, and other unique props to strengthen and lengthen every muscle in the body.  While all of our classes work the whole body, some of our workouts are more cardiovascular, while some focus more on sculpting; and, some classes spend a little extra time on one body part vs another.


So, how do you know which classes to take and how many each week? Well, it depends on what your goals are for how fast you want to see results. We guarantee you’ll see results within 10 classes! We recommend at least 3 to 4 classes a week, ideally with a different emphasis each time, to see results you’ll love. Many of our clients happily Lithe everyday (it’s addictive!) and no longer find they need to gym or studio hop to get the results they crave.


Our class schedules are mapped out strategically to allow you to hit every body part and emphasis as the week goes on.  We’ve organized the classes so that even if you need to come at the same time every day, you’ll always be offered a different class, so you’ll naturally work on different areas, never get bored, and never plateau!  Our class emphasis guide below will help you pick & choose to craft a weekly Lithe Method class line-up that works best for you!  When creating your schedule, try to choose at least one class from each category (yes, some overlap).  An easy rule, is always take at least 1 class using bands, 1 class using the barre, and 1 higher cardio class each week.



biggest burn for your buck …

Looking to pump up your heart rate and really sweat? Take one of our fast-paced, intense cardiovascular workouts that still sculpt each major muscle group: Action Figure, Barlesque, Dutch, Fat Free, High Mini, Higher Power, Hot Legs, Hot Stepper, Pom, Skinny Mini, Spirit, Split, Step Rally, Thigh High, Tight End, Twiggy, Walk-Star, & Weightless.


higher power band system® …

Be not afraid of the bands! They change your body and these classes (and the results they yield) are unlike anything else out there.  Gloves are mandatory for our band classes: Higher Power, Pom, Spirit, Split, Super-Fly, Thinny, Tight End, Twiggy, Waspie, & Weightless.


emphasis is on…


For those sculpted arms and shoulders: Armistice, Higher Power, Sculpt, Split, Peeled, Waspie, Wings, Sleeveless, & Super-Fly.



Ready to wage war on the muffin top and get those abs bikini-ready? Choose one of our tummy-crunching classes to tighten up that mid-section: A-List Abs, Cinch, Floored, Thinny, Waist Not, & Waspie.



Looking to abolish cellulite and create Lithe Endvy™?  Take one of our classes that really focus on that bottom half: Fabu-Legs, High Mini, Hipster, Hot Legs, Short Shorts, Skinny Jeans, Stems, Sweet Cheeks, Thigh High, Tight End, & Watershed.