Scheduling Tips

The key to Lithe


Lithe is a Cardiovascular, Sculpting & Total-Body workout (think: sweaty)!  Some of our classes are high energy and produce a higher cardio burn, while some are slower and grounded, with a focus on sculpting your muscular foundation.  Each workout also spotlights a particular zone of the body.  We recommend mixing it up at least 3 times a week for amazing results.


Wondering which classes to take and how often you should Lithe each week?  It depends on your goals and how fast you want to see results.  We guarantee you’ll see results within 10 classes, and we recommend 3-6 classes a week to quickly see results you’ll love!


Follow the key!  Our class schedules are mapped out strategically to allow you to alternate sculpting and cardio workouts, and target alternating zones of the body.  We’ve organized our schedules so that if you Lithe at the same time every day, you’ll never become bored, and never plateau.  Rule breakers: you’ll see opposing workouts on our schedules too.


New to Lithe, returning from a hiatus or just love our classics?  Check out our Lithe Essential workouts. They are not “beginner classes” – They are Lithe’s blueprint workouts that are perfect for building your muscular foundation, cardiovascular endurance and form.