about lithe method

At the core of the fit, hip, healthy Lithe lifestyle is the revolutionary, fun, and highly effective fitness regimen known as the Lithe Method®.

Lithe Method is Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting® (CCS). CCS is our proprietary blend of cardiovascular, cheer-based conditioning and resistance training created by former USC cheerleader, Lauren Boggi.


With over 60, 60-minute workouts in rotation, Lithe Method is ever-evolving and never fails to keep fitness fresh, fun, and fiercely effective. Lithers never get bored and never plateau. “That’s what sets my Method apart from other workouts,” Lithe CEO & Creator Lauren Boggi, says.  Her adoring and fiercely loyal fans say it transforms their bodies like nothing else – and, fast – many testify that they see results after just three sessions!


Lithe Method offers a no-brainer, fun approach to achieving total body fitness. Lithers find they no longer need to gym or studio hop; they can have it all (and have fun!) with Lithe!