about lithe method

At the core of the fit, hip, healthy Lithe lifestyle is the revolutionary, fun, and highly effective fitness regimen known as the Lithe Method®.

Lithe Method is Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting® (CCS). CCS is a proprietary blend of muscle-shaking cardiovascular, cheerleading-inspired aerobic, and strength training exercises created by former USC Cheerleader, Lauren Boggi. CCS is used along with Lithe’s signature Higher Power Band System®, innovative props, & specialty equipment to fill the gaps left behind by traditional workouts, burning fat and sculpting muscle in record time to help women achieve the coveted “Lithe look” – and their best bodies yet!


With over 40, 60-minute classes in rotation and constant innovation and addition of new routines, moves, and props, Lithe Method is ever-evolving and never fails to keep fitness fresh, fun, and fiercely effective. Clients (or “Lithers”) never get bored and never plateau.  “That’s what sets my Method apart from other workouts,” Lithe CEO & Creator Lauren Boggi, says. “I know I get bored easily so I constantly change it up to keep my clients and instructors interested and motivated.” Her adoring and fiercely loyal patrons say it transforms their bodies like nothing else – and, fast – many testify that they see results after just three sessions!


Lithe Method offers clients a no-brainer, zero stress, fun approach to achieving total body fitness. Class schedules are strategically designed to provide clients with a total body workout across the week, with a different body part focus each day. Lithers find they no longer need to gym or studio hop; they can have it all (and have fun doing it!) with Lithe!