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Phillyism – August 2013

5 Things We Learned from the Lithe Detox


“My Lithe Foods Detox Plan results: 3 lbs lighter, proved I can go 3 days without cheese, and I’m having a really good hair day, love it!” ~M. Davidson


“Having the Greenest Smoothie every morning gave me fantastic energy! I didn’t have any daytime bloat like I normally do, and I appreciated that the most!” ~Joellyn F.


“I did a juice cleanse last year and although it was overall good, I had a searing headache for two days…I felt so much better with this one! Another plus for this plan is that there is some chewing involved. Mentally, it made a difference. The food was delish and gave me enough energy to power through 6am Split and Higher Power.” ~Hilarie


“I never felt like I was on a diet or detox/cleanse, just that I was “clean” eating. Everything was delicious and very filling. I loved being able to leave the “thinking” to the experts – not having to worry about ingredients, meal planning, prep, and health – I was in very good hands!” ~Cheri T.


“I liked the convenience of not cooking! I loved that the plan was heavy on the juices and liquids since I never drink enough water and I really believe the liquids kept me hydrated through my Lithe workouts over the 3 days … I never craved for anything and was not hungry ever. Highly recommend for someone stressed or in need of some brain detox. I feel good and plan on incorporating this into my life seasonally.” ~Stephanie Somers


“I began the Detox Plan on a Monday…The whole process from pick-up to the last spoonful of chocolate mousse (I kid you not) was easy, refreshing and best of all I enjoyed sipping and eating what I was putting into my new healthy self. After I completed (and even during) the detox, I noticed a positive change in my energy, my skin was beaming with clarity and brightness, and I learned that taking a few extra seconds to refill my glass of water and mix a simple salad (ahead of time if needed) benefits me so much more than reaching for the chips and salsa because I tell myself there’s just not enough time. Not only do I love the delicious Detox Plan, but I’m thankful Lithe Method was able to re-emphasize for me with a quick reboot to be more conscious of my diet through better, healthier substitutions and additions. It really does mean a fit.hip.healthy you.” ~Nicole Rossi


“I just finished my 3-day Lithe Detox plan yesterday … I am feeling awesome and healthy and never slipped once during the plan. I was on a mission – went to the class everyday and I lost 4 pounds and yes I am able to wear my pencil skirts that I bought a year ago again. Yay! The most important observation that I had during this Detox Plan is that I came to realize how much I loved ‘salt’ and ‘carb.’ I did not miss sweets at all, but I was dying for salty food, so that’s going to be what I will be working on. Now I am an advocate for morning smoothie and “between-meals” juice. Those really kept me going, and the Lithe Greenie totally saved my day. I would have reached out for any snack that was available at that time if I didn’t have the Lithe Greenie juice, so thanks for that!” -Elle R.