detox plan

Lithe Foods is proud to offer a seasonal 3-Day Detox Plan designed to help you look & feel your best, supercharge your health, clear your body of impurities, and bring you back into balance.

Detox Plan Sample Menu

FAQs & Policies


3 days • ~1300 calories per day • 100% vegan • $225

Our Detox Plan is a light, nutritionally complete, mostly liquid 3-day meal plan full of delicious juices, smoothies, soups, and veggies. Unlike an all-liquid detox or “juice cleanse,” our vegan, primarily raw plan combines both liquid and solid foods, including plenty of protein, fats and snacks to get you through the day (& your Lithe classes!) and realign your eating habits. This energy-packed, gluten-free, vegan, & heavily raw-foods option is ideal for someone looking for maximum nutrient absorption with a side benefit of liver detoxifying, all while banishing hunger pangs and maintaining optimum energy levels.



All meal plans must be ordered in advance and are available for pick up (i.e., start day) every Tuesday at the following Lithe Method studios: Old City, Rittenhouse, Main Line. Orders must be placed by 7pm the Wednesday before the desired Tuesday start. Orders can be placed by phone or by email, and payment must be received to reserve a plan. All changes and cancellations must be made at least one week prior to the reserved start date in order to receive a full refund.


pick-up & delivery

We offer three options for retrieving your plan: (1) Monday evening in-studio pick-up; (2) Tuesday morning in studio pick-up; (3) Monday evening at home delivery. Plans will be available for in studio pick-up by 5PM on Monday evenings. You may pick up as early as 6:00am (at Rittenhouse & Old City) and at 6:30am on the Main Line on Tuesday mornings.


If you select Monday evening at-home delivery, you will be charged an extra delivery fee. This fee varies depending on the delivery address.  There is no distance cut-off within the Philadelphia area, but prices will of course get higher the farther away the delivery location is from center city.  Please call or by email for delivery rates.


Meal Plan items are perishable & must be refrigerated; for best results, we recommend following the 3-day menu and beginning with your Day 1 breakfast items first thing on Tuesday morning.