about lithe foods

Be Lithe Inside

We believe that Eating Lithe is a big part of reaching your potential.  Our lean, local, & seasonal foods are designed to power your practice (or, satisfy your hunger afterwards!). All Lithe Foods are handmade in small batches in our local kitchen and packaged less than 12 hours before delivery to Lithe Studios. Our menu changes regularly, to make the most of the seasonal harvest and to keep your taste buds buzzing.


Our philosophy is simple: we believe in Eating Lithe (eating clean) without being spartan. We insist on unprocessed, organic (whenever possible), locally sourced (ditto), chemical-free, nutrient-intense, delicious food. We know how much discipline it takes to shop and prepare something balanced and healthy. Lithe Foods does the work for you, and then packages it “to-go” so you can keep moving!


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