body boosters

There's nothing like bodywork from someone who really knows Lithe.

what’s a Body Booster?

Lithe-customized massage/bodywork sessions with Instructor, Tiffany Nork.  Our Body Boosters are so much more than a massage, and the results last for weeks. Tiffany will manually stretch and loosen your fascia (the membranes that surround muscles).  Translation: she’ll bulldoze knots, tight spots, and toxic soreness in your overlooked connective tissue so that your muscles can contract without grinding against each other.


Tiffany’s background

Tiffany is a veteran Lithe Instructor and Massage Therapist. Tif graduated from the Massage Arts Center of Philadelphia with an NCTMB Certification.  She has worked for Lithe, Lithe Escape, at a local Spa, and for her own business (On the Spot Wellness), and is now bringing her amazing massage and bodywork expertise to Lithe Old City.



In our beautiful new office space (we have a separate bodywork room) at Lithe Old City Studio in Philadelphia (219 Cuthbert St, 4th Floor).



Email to schedule your appointment.  We request 24 hrs notice of cancellation. You will be charged if appointment is cancelled less than 6 hours prior to appointment.


session & package options

One 30 Minute Body Booster: $50 (3 month expiration)

One 60 Minute Body Booster: $90 (3 month expiration)

One 90 Minute Body Booster: $130 (3 month expiration)

5-Pack of 60 Minute Body Boosters: $400 (6 month expiration)

10-Pack of 60 Minute Body Boosters: $750 (1 year expiration)